NELA water system boil advisories, updated 2/7

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 11:06 AM CDT|Updated: 7 hours ago
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(KNOE) - If you would like to notify KNOE of a boil advisory update, please email us at and put the word “Boil” in the subject line along with the water system’s name. If you send in a boil order, please follow up with us when it’s rescinded.

Active Boil Advisories

Notice: Once an order has been rescinded, it will be removed from the active boil orders section.
These water systems/areas are currently under a boil advisory:
  • The Village of Grayson - Partial advisory
    • Reason: Busted water main
    • Impacted areas: All connections on Hwy. 126 and west beginning at McLary Rd.
  • Nebo Water System - Partial Advisory
    • Reason: Busted 6-inch mainline
    • Impacted Areas: Hwy. 127 beginning at Hunt Warehouse Rd. and continuing north on Hwy. 17 to the end of the line, including all connecting roads between those points
  • River Road water Works - Partial Advisory
    • Reason: Loss of pressure due to leak repairs
    • Impacted Areas: Scales Rd., Bayou Rd., Davis Lake Dr., Lane Ranch Rd. and White Island Dr.
  • Jones McGinty Water System - Partial Advisory
    • Reason: Water supplied is of questionable microbiological quality
    • Impacted Areas: Old Bonita Rd., Sisson Rd., Seymore Pond rd., Knoxferry Rd. and Bayou Bluff Rd.
  • Sardis Water System - Partial Advisory
    • Reason: less than 25 psi
    • Impacted areas: Mill Drive
  • Lake St. John Waterworks
    • Reason: N/A
    • Impacted areas: ALL
  • Cottonplant Water System
    • Reason: Power outages
    • Impacted areas: ALL
  • Black River Water System - Partial Advisory
    • Reason: Increased consumption impacting tank levels/pressure
    • Impacted Areas: Bodcaw to Larto
  • Village of Delta Water System
    • Reason: Water tower empty
    • Impacted areas: ALL
  • Town of Newellton
    • Reason: Issues with chemical feed line
    • Impacted areas: ALL
  • Tensas Water System
    • Reason: Low pressure caused by freezing weather
    • Impacted areas: ALL
  • Better Water Works System
    • Reason: Planned outage to remove the hydro tank from service and utilize VFDs at Newel Ridge East
    • Impacted areas: ALL
  • The Town of Tullos
    • Reason: Planned outage to remove the hydro tank from service and utilize VFDs at Newel Ridge East
    • Impacted areas: Hwy. 608, Beasley Rd., Hwy. 605 from Hwy. 65 East to Hwy. 608, Middle Rd., all of Yucatan area, Hogue Rd.
  • The Village of Sicily Island
    • Reason: N/A
    • Impacted areas: ALL
  • Jones McGinty Water System - Partial advisory
    • Reason: N/A
    • Impacted areas: Kilbourne Highway east of Water Tank, Hance Coleman RD, Monroe Tubbs Rd, McGinty Rd, Doles Rd, Cunningham Rd, Armstrong Rd, Gladys Mayo Rd, Barthol Rd, Howel Rd, Ferrell Rd, Holly Ridge Rd, Zaunbrecher Rd, Elmo Bollich Rd, LA Ark Rd, Larrison Rd, and Mount Joy Rd.

Rescinded Boil Advisories

Notice: Rescinded boil orders will be removed from the page after two weeks of notice to not clutter the page.
These water systems have rescinded their boil advisories:
  • Kelly Water District - Partial Advisory
    • Reason: 4″ main water line break
    • Impacted Areas: Hwy. 506 East, Dave Rd., Dempsey Rd., McNemar Rd., Little Star Rd., Moses Rd., Etheridge Rd., Hwy 849
  • D’Arbonne Water System SOUTH - Partial Advisory as of Feb. 3
    • Reason: Repair work on a water main
    • Impacted Areas: Pine Grove Church Rd., Cooper Farm Rd., Troy Grafton Rd., Eugene Rd., Forrest Kay Rd., Gray Rd., Albritton Rd., 7193 to 1020 Hwy. 167 S., Doube Bridges Rd., Owens Rd., Dog Trot Lane PVT., Jones Crossing, 13000-16419 La Hwy. 2 and 101 to 420 Weldon Ch. Rd.
  • Walnut Bayou Water System - Partial Advisory as of Feb. 2
    • Reason: N/A
    • Impacted Areas: Midway Church Ln., McDaris Rd., 114 & 4277 Hwy. 17, West Line Rd., Epps Lodge Rd., 3544 Hwy. 577 South, Hwys. 124, 135, 309, 1576, 1596, 1650, and 1721, Hwy. 877
  • Liddieville Water System - Partial Advisory as of Jan. 27, 2023
    • Reason: Water main break
    • Impacted Areas: Big Buck Rd., Airport Rd., Garball Rd., Deblieux Rd., Heat Man Rd., Kenney Simons Rd., Portion of Hwy. 135 between Hwy. 618 and Hwy. 130, Portion of Hwy. 130 between Erskin Rd. and Hwy. 135
  • Waterworks No. 1 in Morehouse Parish as of Jan. 27
    • Reason: Main break on Hwy. 165
    • Impacted areas: ALL
  • East Richland Water System as of Jan. 11
    • Reason: Repairs caused questionable microbiological quality
    • Impacted Areas: Highway 855, Smith Ln., Pistol Brown Rd., Hobby Newton Rd., Sheppard Rd., 581 Dearman Rd.


What Does This Mean?

Boil water advisories were issued because water conditions or problems can lead to water that is of questionable microbiological quality or contaminated. It does not mean that the water is unsafe, just that it *could* be unsafe, even by a small chance. After a boil water advisory is issued, samples from the water system are sent to a state lab for testing. If the tests determine that the water is safe to drink, the boil water advisory will be rescinded. The whole process usually takes 2-3 days but varies by system and incident.

How to Boil Your Water

Health experts offer the following advice for residents under a boil advisory:

  • It is recommended that all consumers disinfect their water before consuming it (including fountain drinks), making ice, brushing teeth, or using it for food preparation or rinsing of foods by the following means:
  • Boil water for one (1) full minute in a clean container. The one-minute starts after the water has been brought to a rolling boil. (The flat taste can be eliminated by shaking the water in a clean bottle or pouring it from one clean container to another.

Contact La. Dept. of Health with any Concerns

  • LDH/OPH Engineering Services [Website]
  • P.O. Box 4489
  • Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4489
  • Phone: 225-342-7499

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